February 21, 2017   |   ashton

A place to make a living!


Our Residential Property Director Simon Morgan has welcomed a new study that shows that Burnley is the best place to make a living in the UK, but has suggested that it could have gone much further.
Commenting on the research that was conducted by credit comparison site TotallyMoney.com, Simon said: “The study confirms what we already know about our area – we have affordable property, good employment rates and a low cost of living.
“Burnley benefits from the lowest average mortgage repayments in the study, and this is enhanced by the fact that we are seeing 4 per cent year-on-year job growth.
“However, there’s much more to be said about our area than this report reveals,” added Simon.
“We know that in areas surrounding Burnley and Pendle there are great villages, with great schools and communities – all set within stunning scenery.
“I genuinely believe that not only does our area present a great financial option for people, it also gives you a work-life balance that is hard to achieve anywhere else.
“The simple fact is that in our area it’s easier to get onto the housing ladder and as you progress up it, you can get a heck of a lot of house for your money.”
Blackburn ranked fifth on the list, whilst London with its huge rent prices, mortgage repayments and expensive cost of living was amongst one of the worst places to make a decent living. Preston was the only area in the North West not to finish above London.

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