March 26, 2018   |   ashton

Apprentice achieves 100%


A company is often judged on the people in it, especially in our sector. That’s why at Petty we take staff recruitment very seriously, making sure we get the right people to represent us. Part of that is looking to the future and ensuring we bring through young apprentices. That’s why last year, with the help of Themis and Training Station, we took on three apprentices.

Eighteen year old Zoe Parkinson is an Apprentice Property Manager. Nineteen year old Rebecca Westwell is an Apprentice Administrator and seventeen year old Isobel Heap is an apprentice Sales Negotiator in Colne.

Becca has recently passed the ‘ICT’ (Information, communication & Technology) with a 100% pass rate with Themis at Burnley. It’s a fantastic effort and we’d like to congratulate Becca for all her hard work. She’s set a high standard now but we’re sure both Becca and our other apprentices are up to completing their apprenticeships in the same fashion.

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