January 7, 2013   |   ashton

Danger with Winter


We Warn Of Danger Tenants Could Face With Winter Upon Us

With the winter upon us, we are warning of the dangers tenants could face if they don’t have the right contents insurance this winter.

With large amounts of tenants opting not to seek insurance cover for their home contents, the risks this winter could cost them thousands of pounds in the long run.

Our Lettings Manager, Simon Westwell, said: “For many tenants, the right insurance cover is often an afterthought or simply is not a top priority when if money is tight but as we witnessed the unpredictable British weather once again this winter with both floods and frost, we are urging people to take heed of our advice and ensure they are protected.

“Without your knowledge, frozen pipes could crack and burst at any time allowing water to escape throughout the house, affecting electrical goods, expensive furniture and carpets or even the many Christmas presents beautifully wrapped for the big day.”

With cover available from just £9 per month for a £5000 policy, it needn’t be a costly risk.  Tenants are urged to call us on 01282 417775 for independent advice and guidance. 

With more weather storms forecasted, we also have the following advice for preventing frozen pipes from bursting. 

1. Taps

Avoid frozen pipes by leaving a few indoor taps dripping very slightly overnight when the taps are not in use.  Continue to leave the affected tap(s) dripping for short periods. It is often advisable to leave other taps throughout the property at a drip to avoid other pipes freezing.


2. Pipes

If possible check pipes for any splits or forced joints.  If there are none, feel the pipe to see if you can find a particularly cold area and then try to thaw the pipe starting at that area, or beginning from the tap end working towards the cold-water tank. This thawing process should be done using moderate heat, for example:

1. A hairdryer, for a few minutes at a time

2. Cover with a towel or cloth soaked in hot (not boiling) water

3. A hot water bottle


3. Heating

Keep your home well heated until the pipe is back in working order. This may cost you a little extra in fuel, but it will be nominal compared to the damage a burst pipe can cause.

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