August 15, 2019   |   ashton

FitBit Challenge Winners


The results are in. The steps have been counted and verified and we have a winner! Petty’s Fitbit Challenge winners for 2019 are …… drum roll please…… Team Bythell with a whopping 1,971,993 steps.

Over the past month all of our dedicated staff have been walking, running, jogging, exercising anything to get their step count up for their team. Whilst it’s all been a bit of fun it was also fairly competitive and highlighted to us all just how much, or how little exercise we all take. A healthy body is a healthy mind and I think everyone has found it really beneficial. Karen Ashworth from accounts was our star performer with 181,374 steps in one week alone. Karen said “I run regularly anyway, usually about 6miles three times a week, but I found myself upping that to 9-10 miles and probably getting an extra run in too. I also increased my walking instead of taking the car especially on shorter journeys”

Well done to you all, Team Petty must be the fittest as well as the best agents in town!

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