December 9, 2019   |   ashton

Is Air Pollution Affecting the Property Prices in Your Area?


In the UK we are blessed with relatively low levels of air pollution, but do you know precisely how much your area is affected, and is that affecting the sale of your house? 

High levels of air pollution can have wide-ranging health impacts. Surely it is no coincidence that coastal areas with prevailing offshore winds are often associated with good health and longevity of life. 

Many people don’t realise is that some of the most desirable parts of the country are also areas with dangerous levels of air pollution. Central London Boroughs of Kensington and Chelsea, and Westminster have some the most expensive houses in the country, if not the world, but these areas also suffer from levels of air pollution that are significantly higher than the national average, and also well above legal limits. 

How to check for yourself…

New online tools have become available to allow individuals to check the data for themselves. Click here to check the levels in London and here for elsewhere in the country.

While this information might be negative for some area of the country, conversely it could also work in the favour of others. 

Trading Standards and the National Association of Estate Agents have both been quick to comment on this new data becoming available. According to Trading Standards, this data is considered “material information” and as such everyone looking to purchase a house should be made aware of the levels of pollution in the area, along with other information such as the presence of Asbestos in the area or of invasive plants like Japanese Knotweed.

Ian Bythell, Director at Petty Real, gave his opinion: 

“It’s great that people can now check this information for themselves. This is especially important for the elderly, those with young children and people with existing health problems where higher levels of pollution might pose a significant health risk.”

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