June 19, 2019   |   ashton

Its A Family Affair


Here at Petty’s we’ve always tried to support local causes and initiatives, from Pendleside hospice to students at Nelson and Colne college as well as numerous sports clubs such as junior football, hockey and netball. We feel it’s important to help and be part of our local communities and we get an immense sense of pride and achievement in helping them achieve and succeed in their chosen fields. This has been illustrated recently with the women’s netball team we sponsor winning the local Premier Division. The team has been established for over 25 years and have won the league around 15 times!

But that isn’t the only remarkable thing about them as almost all of their players are from the same family, and there have been several occasions this season when the team that has played has been made up from all family members. Jan Cormack is captain and her daughter Thea plays as does Jan’s sister, Deb and her daughters Olivia and Freya, along with their nieces Rachael, Elizabeth and Jenna.

Jan said “I suppose it is quite unusual but for us it’s just the norm. Deb and I have always been keen sports women and it was just a natural thing for us to encourage our daughters too. We all play hockey for the same team as well. We obviously have a great understanding of each other which seems to translate well when we’re playing a team sport as both the netball and hockey teams have done extremely well”

Well done everyone and long may it continue! #thosegirlscan

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