July 18, 2019   |   ashton

On your marks get set GO


We’ve got a bit of a competition going on within Petty at the moment. You may have seen our social media posts about our #FitBitChallenge . We have three teams each one headed by one of our Directors, Simon Westwell, Simon Morgan and Ian Bythell. All of our staff members have been given a FitBit and have been randomly drawn from a hat and assigned a team. The challenge is to see which team can clock up the most steps in a month whilst also encouraging everyone to be more health aware and to take a bit more exercise, something we could all do with probably. Whilst this is just a bit of fun each team is taking it extremely seriously and they’re becoming quite competitive in trying to outdo each other. We have several members who have started walking to work, which as well is doing their bit for the environment, has meant that they have seriously increased their step count with Amanda Hindle walking 30 miles in a week. Karen from accounts notched up a massive 45,000 in a single day and even Rhyse has broken into a sweat doing circuits!

As things stand at the start of this week the step count for each team is as follows:

#teammorgan –  747,171

#teambythell – 741,187

#teamwestwell – 586,734

With regular updates and pictures on all our social media platforms make sure you follows us and keep track of how the everyone is doing. Pick a team and send them encouragement, I know they’ll appreciate it.


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