July 11, 2012   |   ashton

Property In Demand?


As members of the Home Sale Network, we were keen to hear the results of their recent survey which has revealed the most popular property types currently available in the UK – the survey found that two and three bedroom houses topped the list.

Over 80% of survey respondents indicated that two to three bedroom houses were the most in demand property type amongst potential buyers. Four or more bedroom properties came second and two to three bedroom flats/apartments were third.

The survey sought to find the most popular area type for buyers too. Nearly half of Home Sale Network respondents reported town or city centres were the most popular areas to purchase properties in, with suburban areas coming a close second.

As a national network of independent estate agents across England, Scotland and Wales, Home Sale Network members like us have been specially selected to represent the Network in their area.

Our own, Ian Bythell, said: “It’s interesting to see the results of this month’s Network survey and indeed two to three bedroom properties are popular. However, we’re receiving buyer enquiries for all kinds of properties in different areas across our core areas so if you’re thinking of selling, get in touch with us today. 

“Through our membership with Home Sale Network, we have access to potential out of town buyers moving into our catchment,  providing an additional avenue for you to sell your home (visit www.home-sale.co.uk for more information).”

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