December 11, 2019   |   ashton

Recognition for Top Estate Agent Fiona Stanley!


“When our customers win, we win” says Petty Real Director Ian Bythell.

This statement became true in the most literal sense recently when top local estate agent Fiona Stanley of Petty Real’s Barrowford branch won a £100 prize from the Relocation Agent Network (RAN), just in time for Christmas.

The prize was for a successful referral in RAN’s countrywide network and her name was selected as part of a quarterly prize draw.

What’s the Relocation Agent Network (RAN)?

RAN is a network of independent estate agents around the country which selects its members based on the strict criteria of professionalism, customer service, and providing the personal touch for their clients. Members of the network are able to help clients relocate to different parts of the country making their property listings visible to other trusted estate agents within the network.

Fiona has a 16-year track record of helping people find their ideal homes. She’s witnessed lots of changes in the property market, and she’s helped 100s of people get on with their lives, creating happy customers and happy families in the process. 

It’s not about the money it’s about the recognition of a job well done 

This award is not about the prize, it’s about the recognition. It’s clear, indisputable evidence of the good work that Fiona, and Petty Real, do in the local and national community. 

When you talk to Fiona, she takes it all in her stride, it’s all in a day’s work for her. Creating happy clients is just what she does, day in, day out, without any ego, not even a second thought. 

Ian Bythell commented “Fiona is a brilliant estate agent and a valuable member of staff who really deserves this recognition. She’s great at her job and Petty Real wouldn’t be the same without her.” 

Petty Real have won the RAN best in region award three times consecutively and they are the only estate agent in the North West to be given this level of recognition. It means that they can make properties visible across all the other estate agents that are part of the network: a significant advantage in such a competitive industry. 

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