January 17, 2020   |   ashton

Supporting Local Business Unique Clean


We’re proud to be working with Unique Clean, the top national cleaning firm based in right here in Colne. 

Lancashire is well known as the engine room of Great Britain, the Northern Powerhouse. Like any engine room, things need a regular clean to keep the wheels turning smoothly. 

Happily, that’s where Unique Clean comes into their own. This company has proven themselves time and again to be one of the best cleaning companies and one that we can rely on to keep things well maintained and looking new. 

There’s a reason why Unique Clean has a list of prestigious clients as long as a high-pressure cleaning hose, it’s because they know what they’re doing, and they get on and do it well. If you take a look at the services they offer (click here to do so), you’ll see what I mean. This company can clean just about anything, anywhere – from factories with unusual machinery, enclosed spaces, rooftops, professional kitchens, bio-hazards, pretty much everything. 

When Macbeth asked, “will all Neptune’s great oceans ever wash these hands clean?” He should have just called up Unique Clean, they’d have sorted it in seconds.

But, joking aside, if you really want to see what these guys can do, watch this video of them cleaning graffiti off a wall as if were water falling off a duck’s back (click here to see it). Anyone who ever spent hours scrubbing to remove the work of vandals from their property will be forgiven for spontaneously singing Hallelujah!

Unique Clean are well known for their meticulous attention to detail, and high-level customer care and satisfaction. That’s why we at Petty Real are proud to have them as an official partner and we’re looking forward to a long and fruitful business relationship.

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