September 17, 2019   |   ashton

The importance of good photography


A recent blog post by Rightmove suggests that professional standard photos can increase enquiries by up to four times when selling your home.

With online being most people’s first port of call when property hunting, grabbing the interest of a potential buyer starts with pictures of your home – and if they are not good enough the buyer simply moves onto the next property. Even if you have the perfect house, if people don’t cross the threshold you won’t sell them the property, so perfect pictures are the vital starting point.

If you market your property with us you don’t have to worry about that. Petty Real has a top class professional photographer Jennifer Thoburn to take care of that.

Jennifer is a vastly experienced photographer and art director and has worked with clients from John Lewis to Homebase and B&Q as well as top lifestyle and fashion magazines like Porter and His&Hers.

Jennifer takes around 2-3 hours to photograph a large 4 bedroom house and as well as taking the shots Jennifer will also write the room descriptions and do the floor plans at the same time so that everything is finished in a timely manner ensuring we can get your property to market as quickly as possible.

Jennifer said;”One of the most important things and the difference between someone just taking a good photograph and a professional doing it, is equipment. I use a heavy duty tripod which means I can have a longer shutter speed so there’s no wobble. This lets all the available light in and allows me to shoot with a longer depth of field so I can capture the whole room and ensures everything stays in focus”

One of the other advantages of using a professional is their creative eye for strong composition and angle and with Jennifer’s experience in art direction and set design this really shines through.

“I’m used to designing and dressing  rooms for interior shoots which is basically like moving house and setting everything up every day. The beauty of shooting in people’s homes is that it’s already done for me, but I can recognise the small details that you may not see as you’re looking at them every day. Or how by looking at something from a different angle makes the image so much more interesting”

Jennifer shoots everything directly to the computer whilst still in the house so focus and adjustments can be instantly checked and applied, making the process of getting the property live for sale much quicker.

We want to give a true representation of your home but make sure it looks at it’s very best to potential buyers, that’s why Petty Real employ the services of a top class professional photographer Like Jennifer Thoburn.

You can see the quality of Jennifer’s work here


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