October 15, 2019   |   ashton

Thinking of moving Dont wait for Brexit


Confusion over Brexit shouldn’t prevent you from following your dreams of the perfect home. 

The political discussion about Brexit continues but there appears to be little hope of a resolution in the near future. Even the current Brexit deadline of October 31st seems to offer scant reassurance given the lack of concrete information about what a post-Brexit UK might look like. 

Here at Petty Real, we want to reassure anyone considering entering the property market. Don’t wait any longer, there are many reasons why now is a good time to invest.

Currently, the market is quite stable and there are some very good deals available, but that might change in the future. Whatever happens after October 31st, the UK will be entering uncharted territory.

Now is a good time to get a mortgage

House buyers in the UK are still able to benefit from very low interest rates, helping them secure a good deal on a mortgage. However, some industry commentators point out that the overall price of moving to a new house might be beginning to rise.

Most experts agree that if people are waiting for the prefect market conditions to make that important purchase, they could be waiting a very long time indeed. While politicians in Westminster attempt to delay Brexit in hope of a new deal, there is no need for private individuals to do the same with their plans to buy a new house.

Don’t miss out

Consider the cost of waiting, effectively putting their lives on hold. There is no need to extend the stress and dissatisfaction of living in unsuitable accommodation. Those who delay are likely to miss out.

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